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Honda’s next generation hydrogen system, January sales highlights, GM and Netflix partnership

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hydrogen fuel cell system Honda and GMHonda and General Motors have revealed a joint venture partnership to deliver a “next-generation” hydrogen fuel cell system. The improvements will make the cells more durable and less expensive to build. Assuming development goes smoothly, Honda will use the hydrogen fuel cell system in both personal vehicles and freight pulling trucks, taking advantage of the fleet market’s desperation to lower expensive fuel costs. Read More

January car sales

Now that the majority of car makers have posted their January car sales numbers, we can take a closer look at the shifts that have occurred. Of the major manufacturers, Toyota was the largest to fall behind. The Japanese automaker’s January car deliveries dropped 17% in comparison to the same time last year. The brand has struggled with its vehicle supply longer than others, placing it at a disadvantage compared to the rest of the industry. Read More

Actor and comedian, Will Ferrell, returns in an upcoming Super Bowl commercial to promote General Motors EVs. Within the commercial, he talks with zombies from Netflix’s “Army of Death” and the kids from “Stronger Things,” while strolling through Regency-era England’s “Bridgerton” where a Cadillac Lyriq waits for him. The ad marks the beginning of a new partnership between GM and Netflix. Read More

Rivian price warRivian Automotive, a manufacturer of electric trucks, announced it’s laying off 6% of its workers in an effort to save money in preparation for a potential price war across the market. In an email to employees, the company’s CEO, RJ Scaringe, stressed that improving operating efficiency must be a “key aim.” Read More

For Dealers

desking car dealershipDesking. It’s not broken, but…
Last month, we launched our new Showroom and Desking solutions, and I had several dealers reach out to me, intrigued. “Why would CarNow enter the desking space?” one asked. Another asked, “My desking platform isn’t broken, why would I even consider a change?” Both were fair questions, but let me explain why it makes sense. Desking is the last step in the front-end sales process. It’s used to structure the deal and define the dealer’s front-end profit. Read More

How will digitalization affect employment in the auto industry?
The automotive industry has been contributing to the global economy for many years, and this is largely in part due to the employees working in it. From research and development to manufacturing and sales, workers in the industry have continued to make significant advances towards creating the safest, most comfortable, and most reliable cars we have ever had. Read More

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