Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, CarNow is a market leader in digital retailing solutions for the automotive industry. With more than 4,500 dealership partners and over twenty manufacturer certifications, it is one of the industry’s fastest-growing companies, a J.D. Power – Power Information Network Trusted Provider, and the most awarded digital retailing and communication platform in automotive. 

Driven by its mission to create simple, real-time experiences that streamline dealership operations and facilitate the transaction between dealers and their clients, CarNow’s comprehensive suite of technology solutions is transforming the way dealers connect with customers and sell cars. 

CarNow’s senior leadership team and staff bring a unique blend of extensive experience in the automotive, digital retailing, and software spaces. Their in-depth knowledge of dealership operations, automotive trends, and industry best practices position CarNow to build tools that better help dealers solve real problems and stay ahead of rapidly evolving industry trends. 

CarNow recently announced the launch of its Real-Time Retail™ platform – a live-data technology platform that leverages the best of CarNow’s industry-leading tools to help dealers seamlessly integrate the virtual showroom to in-store experience and reduce friction throughout the car buying process.  

The comprehensive platform elevates the car-buying experience and empowers dealers to expand customer interactions and transactions from their physical showroom to their online showroom with ease. The dynamic showroom experience eliminates duplicate tasks and pain points for consumers and provides a seamless, intuitive workflow that transforms the way dealers connect with customers.  

CarNow’s platform ensures dealers have a complete, accurate view of where each customer is at any point on their buying journey. It promotes transparency and continuity for consumers and dealership staff alike by helping improve real-time communication processes and workflow efficiencies, and ensures dealerships are maximizing profitability in all areas of their business. 

The platform equips dealerships to operate as strategically and efficiently as possible by enabling their teams to engage with customers in the virtual showroom in real-time, qualify leads before they leave the website, provide instant pricing, serve personalized F&I options, seamlessly integrate the online to in-store car-buying experience, and more.  

For more information about CarNow and its technology, visit 

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