Ron Frey, Rajiv Amar: An Automotive Exchange That Creates Efficiencies and Removes Costs: CDK Global


The Nada Show in Las Vegas is a one-stop shop that highlights and displays all the new, revamped and upgraded products and platforms that are set to be ingrained within the automotive retail industry. Among the new releases is a platform that plans on helping dealerships make connections, creates efficiencies and removes costs.

Ron Frey, Chief Strategy Officer CDK Global, and Rajiv Amar, Chief Technology Officer, talked with CBT News about how the automotive industry is very fragmented. Dealerships can find a variety of technology solutions but unfortunately, they do not have capabilities to communicate with the one another. Ron, Rajiv, and the CDK Global team realized that there was a need here, and in response, they created the platform that provides a secure place to create unique workflows and amazing experiences for the automotive industry called Fortellis.


Fortellis, an automotive commerce exchange, is a platform meant to provide universal connections that connect workflows and protocol that enables experiences and bring them to life. The technology “engine” that enables seamless connections and greater collaboration to occur among everyone involved in serving automobile consumers, such as dealers, manufacturers, software developers, lenders and data providers.