5 Reasons Why You Should Focus on Branding Your Dealership


A common misconception is that branding revolves around a slogan or a logo. Though these might be key elements of the process, it does go further. Branding involves every single aspect of a customer’s experience, from your social media posts to the logo, website, advertising, and staff uniforms. It can even encompass the way in which you’re customer service staff answers calls and how they interact with the customers.

A brand has been defined in terms like a soul, a truth, a belief system, and a promise of the company. It’s extremely important in the automotive industry. Some consumers in the industry are completely loyal to one brand, while others are willing to explore different brands based on their unique selling points.

In short, branding is the way your customers perceive you when they think or hear of your company’s product, service, and/or name. This includes everything they presume to know about your brand, including factual information (e.g. bright yellow packaging) and emotive elements (e.g. luxurious). It is beyond just a memorable logo. Good branding can make acquiring new customers easier, provides employees with motivation and direction, and increase the value of a company.

So, why is it important? There are countless reasons as to why branding is important, not only for your dealership but any business out there. But there are five reasons that truly stand out for why the company brand is so important for your dealership.

Branding Promotes Recognitionbranding

Effective and strong branding can promote recognition of your business. If your dealership is easy to recognize and consistent in their branding, it can help consumers to feel at ease when making a purchase from you. People value familiarity. If you are remembered as a quality and trustworthy provider, then you’re sure to reap the success of repeat businesses as consumers are likely to continue choosing you.

Post-It, Coke, and Google are some of the best industry examples. When you write on a note, do you refer to it as a sticky paper or a post-it? When you’re searching online, are you searching on a search engine do you Google it? When you order a fizzy drink, do you ask for a cola or a Coke? These three brands have become passed recognizability to a point where they have replaced the generic words for their products.

Sets You Apart From The Competition

We are currently present in a highly competitive global market. Hence, it is vital for any business to stand out from the crowd to gain any success. It should be remembered that you will no longer be simply competing on a local platform. You are competing with a global economy, therefore, good branding will help you stand out from the thousands and millions of other, similar global organizations.

Generates Referrals

A strong branding has the ability to create viral traffic or referrals as consumers love to share products that they love with others. People wear, listen, and eat brands – and they continue to share ones that they love. According to Neilsen, 84% of consumers claim to take action based on personal recommendations that they have received.

You might have a great dealership, but if it isn’t memorable to your consumers, you won’t generate many referrals as people are likely to ‘forget’ about you before they are able to tell their peers. The most profitable companies tend to have one specific thing in common. They have established themselves as the leader in their industry by building a solid brand.

Sets Expectations

A consistent and strong brand allows the customer to know exactly what they should expect every time they come into contact with your dealership. A professional appearance helps to build trust and creditability; which bodes well as there’s a higher likelihood of consumers purchasing products from businesses which appear to be legitimate. In the end, you should remember that your brand represents the promise that you’re making to your customer. It acts as an unspoken contract between your dealership and your customers.

brandingAside from your consumers, branding also helps to inspire and set expectations for your employees. Many employees desire to have something to work towards, whether that is the mission or reason for the business. Having a strong brand turns the company’s logo into a flag for the company. It helps them to have something to work for and towards. Through it all, when you achieve harmony within your workforce, it’ll encourage bright and talented individuals to want to work at your dealership.

Adds Value

A strong and successful branding is sure to add vital value to your business that goes beyond just the physical assets of your dealership. For example, organizations, such as Coca-Cola, Facebook, and Apple, are worth more than just their products, equipment, and/or premises. Their brand has helped to increase their company’s value.

It all adds up towards trust. A brand needs to attain the trust of their consumers in order for the branding to successfully take root. A professional appearance helps to create and build trust and credibility. In today’s global world and economy, branding is more important than ever. However, a solid branding strategy will not suddenly be successful overnight. It is a result of meticulous planning, growth, and development. Hence, the reason it is so often neglected by small and large businesses alike. When it’s neglected, it’s often the result of not understanding the impact that it can truly have.branding

Good, solid, and strong branding doesn’t just increase the value of the company. It also makes it easy to acquire new customers and helps to provide employees with motivation and direction. It can make all the processes just a little bit easier, just by providing your dealership with a little extra bit of credibility that it might not have without branding.

So, what can you do to improve your brand to the point that you can visibly see the change? It’s important for you to remain consistent with the daily actions of your dealership to that of the brand’s image. You need to be authentic and honest in what is available and offering your customers with transparency. Your dealership should not and does not need conformity to be powerful. In fact, today’s world thrives on individuality, which is what your dealership should aim for.

Through it all, you should ensure that your brand and its message remains intact and consistent. You need to strive to create an overall customer experience that aligns with your brand and its reputation. Authenticity and consistency throughout your organization are vital in order to pull more customers towards your brand.