Is Your Website Attracting the Right Candidates for Your Dealership?

Job Search

If you want to attract the right talent and improve your job search, then make yourself visible online. Steve Munyan, President of Hire the Winners, joins us to explain how having an attractive website, optimizing your keywords and creating a plan for what you may need are all things you should implement to attract, hire and retain the right employees.

The ultimate hope is that your dealership is thriving and allows growth in all ways. If that is the case, then hiring for new or established positions is ever ongoing. Taking time to make a plan on what is needed and the best ways to achieve that will help you zero in on your search and keep you from hiring the wrong persons. Constantly evaluate how many people you need to operate to exceed any standards. Also, assess your current staff constantly. Make sure everyone is rising to the occasion and delivering outstanding work ethic to avoid risk.

When using online job search engines, most often, people do not scroll past the first page of generated results. This emphasizes the importance of marketing yourself correctly. Online presence is important not only for sales but also for the attraction of future employees. The internet is the primary source for both employers and employees to source their next hire or career move. Having a site that appears at the top of search results improves your chances drastically to engage talent. Make sure your pages are easy to navigate and display information such as all open positions or your application process.

Attracting Talent Additionally, Let people know why you are who they should work for. This is a key component with talent acquisition. The hardest positions to fill within the industry right now are technicians. The previous steps help attract potential employees to your open positions, but are you doing what is needed on your end to really send the message of why a person would want to work at your dealership before others? Being clear about what separates you from everyone else does just that. Point out your incentive programs, look into funding scholarship opportunities. One thing this business proves time and again is that referrals are what keeps people coming in, and that fact is no stranger to the career paths within a dealership either.