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Why every auto dealership must create a powerful process for lead...

Much of the success in car sales stems from the ‘follow up’ with customers, but that process gets overlooked far too often. Today on...
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Triple Your Sales from Website Trade-in Leads

For most of the dealers I encounter, leads from website trade-in tools are almost an afterthought. There is a belief, for example, that it doesn’t matter which trade-in form you use because every form delivers the same results. Additionally, many internet teams follow up with trade leads just as they do a new car lead; […]
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lead follow up

Three Videos for an Effective Lead Follow Up Process

Here is what’s called a conundrum: someone calls your dealership or submits a lead on your dealership’s website or a third-party auto shopping website. Then…nothing. The shopper will not “re-engage” or respond to your calls, texts or emails. This person who is clearly in the market for a vehicle and wanted information doesn’t respond to […]
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How Small Dealers Can Compete with Large Dealer Groups | Three...

On today's CBT Newscast for Friday, July 28th, 2017: What a mystery shopping study reveals about dealership processes Joe talks to Steve Finlay about a recent...