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General Motors is working with the federal government and select business partners to launch heavy-duty hydrogen trucks in the U.S.

General Motors to deploy hydrogen fuel-cell trucks at U.S. worksites

General Motors and the Department of Energy are investing a combined $65 million to deploy hydrogen fuel-cell work trucks across the U.S. The new trucks,...
Koji Sato Hydrogen

New Toyota chief refuses to abandon hydrogen, will improve supply chain

Incoming Toyota CEO Koji Sato says he will continue to prioritize hydrogen as an alternative fuel source, even as the automaker ramps up electric...
mobility transportation

5 innovations shaping the future of automotive mobility

If science fiction writers had their way, we'd all be moving around by self-piloted pods hundreds of feet above the ground. But that future...
tax credits

Goldman Sachs says big bucks in store for green energy infrastructure

Goldman Sachs believes the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act could breathe new life into the U.S.’s green energy infrastructure. In an interview with CNBC, Michele...