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closing, financing and insurance

Closing in F&I starts with a strong opening

Most salespeople judge their entire career by how good of a closer they are. In F&I specifically, closing more deals with higher rates and...
F&I menu

Keep it simple – time to consider a smaller F&I menu

The top complaint of most car buyers is the time it takes to make their purchase and drive off the lot. It takes too...
virtual F&I

Is virtual F&I here to stay? Probably, and here’s why

Since the start of the pandemic, car buyers and dealerships have had to navigate the steep learning curve of digital retailing to sell in...
F&I staff

Great Resignation? Gray Tsunami? How F&I can better prepare for turnover...

The pandemic has ushered in a shift in workers looking for better pay, conditions, and work-from-home opportunities. Some have left traditional jobs to strike...

How far should you go to get a deal approved?

It’s a busy Saturday at your dealership and the sales desk sends a deal to you for your opinion on which bank will buy...

What a rise in EV sales means for F&I long-term

The rise of the EV or electric vehicle has made an almost immediate impact on the automotive industry and on dealerships. They are sold...