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loyalty programs

Loyalty and Rewards Programs – What Works & What Doesn’t

Make the right offer to the right person, at the right time, and you have a sale. It’s a great feeling. But make that same...

Don’t Dream of Being a Great Leader – Be a Good...

It’s not necessary to become a great leader. Those people are very few in number, and it usually takes a huge crisis for their...

Selling on the Service Drive

Every day vehicles leave your service department still needing repairs and maintenance. Many of the owners would have been happy to purchase the work...
Marketing Inspiration

Marketing Inspiration from Amazon

A sales manager once told me that if I wanted inspiration, then I should copy a salesperson who is successful. That advice still makes...
dealership culture

The Real Way to Improve your Dealership’s Culture

There is money to be made writing books about management. Just skim the shelves at your local bookstore and you will see tons of...
email marketing

Best Practices for Great Email Marketing

Sales can be an easy job to do, but it is very difficult to learn. It’s not physically demanding and there are no real...

Eliminate This Big (And Expensive) Time-Waster in Your Service Department

Time Really is Money Years ago, I took a job as a technician for a dealer that had 22 techs. The first time I took...
female customers

Tune in and Profit – Female Customers Communicate Differently Than...

It’s been said that the most important numbers in any business can’t be known. That is. you won’t know the number of customers who...