Survey: Are women drivers happy with your dealership?

Women Drivers

In today’s competitive marketplace, women buyers are crucial for auto dealer’s success. It takes more than having the ‘best price’ or a female spokesperson to market to today’s woman car buyer. The demographics of American families are changing rapidly and are impacting sales at your store. Dealerships need to pay close attention to engaging, marketing and optimizing sales to this powerful segment. Here are some game-changing data points: • 45% of women purchase cars by themselves1 • 38% of women out earn their husbands2 • 53% of millennial car buyers are women3 • 56% of women do not purchase from the brand dealer closest to their home1 is proud to publish the 2017 U.S. Women’s Car Dealership Report which is drawn from 4,653 women’s car dealer reviews and opt-in surveys through December, 2016. The company generates its’ proprietary Women Satisfaction Index® (WSI) Optics, ranging from a high of 5.0 to a low of 1.0 for each dealership review score. Women rated their dealership for Purchasing, Servicing or Shopping.

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