Supporting Auto Dealers In Becoming Automotive Retail Winners – Gee Leung

Automotive Retail

LotLinx is leading the charge within the automotive retail industry with their cutting-edge technology. The NADA Show this year was a great opportunity for CBT Automotive News Network to catch up with some of the best minds that make up our automotive community and included in this very circle is Gee Leung, Chief Operation Officer of LotLinx, who took the time to share with our fans more about what their company is doing for our industry and how they plan on making all of their dealers winners.AI

As you may be aware, the digital marketing world is becoming more complex than ever before. As a dealer, your audience could be fragmented and spread across many different platforms and channels. Due to the scattered audiences, marketing efforts are becoming more difficult. LotLinx has introduced a solution that eliminates the complexity by linking together all of the different channels. Their AI technology is assisting your dealership(s) in finding shoppers.

Dealers have seen a tremendous amount of success when they are supported by the LotLinx platform and the company only hopes to expand on that success by introducing new products that will be released towards the end of 2018. These advancements will make the platform simpler, increase options and take a new approach to how dealers and the industry uses A.I for success.

For more information about how machines are winning visit the LotLinx website.