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NIADA CEO Melanie Wilson on overcoming obstacles facing independent dealers

In its 75-year history, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association has chosen its first female to serve as its president. On this episode of Inside Automotive, Melanie Wilson, the interim CEO of NIADA, talks about her responsibilities and goals for the Association in the coming year.

Whatever the circumstance, you have greater environmental access in retail to meet the needs of the customer thanks to the many ways to buy a car, such as via your tablet, phone, or vending machine. People want options, and Wilson says, “I want that convenience at my fingertips especially if I’m really busy, but if I want to talk to people, I have access to that too.” 

Wilson claims that the main elements that provide independent franchise dealers the attractiveness of independence are flexibility, control, and options. Wilson is enthusiastic about what NIADA will bring in 2023. “We have a fantastic team; in fact, we built a fantastic staff, and they are incredibly innovative and forward-thinking.” 

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With the debut of its CPO certified 360 programs on January 3, 2023, independent dealers now have access to a warranty program that is competitive to those of franchise dealers. This program differs from the one they previously had because it has been entirely revitalized, it offers five administrators to choose from and has a superior coverage program.

Wilson claims that NIADA has been reviving our 20 Group program, which gives independent dealers a place to learn and benefit from one another. In order to advance education, NIADA will be hosting an event in June at the Wynn in Las Vegas from June 19–22. The demands of both members and dealers have been taken into consideration by the director of education for the event.

Since NIADA is here to help, Wilson emphasizes that “if you’re not telling us what you need, we’re going to be assisting blindly.” When there is transparent communication, the appropriate individuals can get the proper assistance where it’s needed.

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