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Proactive Dealer Solutions emerged as one of the industry’s leading BDC solutions providers and has pioneered innovative BDC concepts, which have evolved into better customer experiences for the entire dealership. Today, Proactive Dealer Solutions has developed some robust technology solutions to enhance the customer experience and dealership profitability.

Last quarter, Proactive Dealer Solutions launched, the very first digital voice assistant built specifically for automotive. has the human-parody capability of answering, handling, and appointing inbound service calls and other common conversations. On today’s Power Lunch, we’re pleased to welcome Lawson Owen, and Jason Beckett, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Proactive Dealer Solutions, respectively.

Beckett starts by describing the big increase in purchasing and transactions through digital voice assistants. In 2020, the number totaled about $2 billion, with projections to increase to $164 billion in 2025. Transactions are the highest form of trust and Becket adds that they’re great indicators of consumers’ willingness to use this type of technology.

Digital voice assistance in the dealership is also necessary for the service drive, says Beckett. Fixed operations are already process-driven and are additionally, the largest lead source. 20-30% of calls coming into a service drive are lost or go unanswered. He says that even during the pandemic, the fail rate has been high. 68% of calls that aren’t answered go somewhere else. Owen adds that if dealerships just answer the phone and interact with the consumer, ROIs will go through the roof.

Beckett wants dealers to understand that it’s not about creating new leads but handling the leads you already have, and enhancing the customer experience. 75% of calls coming into a service drive are non-technical. is not intended to eliminate staff. Rather, the goal is to improve inefficiencies, and bring consistency to customer interactions. Owen says it will allow the staff to focus on other things more important, like retention calls. He adds that the most important thing is to generate positivity from the customer during the transaction. is the first digital voice assistant that answers, handles, and appoints inbound service calls. This software is the best service scheduling coordinator at scale. has the ability to understand and handle the unknown.

The most important KPI Beckett says they track, is a live agent request. It’s an indicator for dealers to know how willing consumers are to work with They have a 7% live agent request, meaning 93% of those customers are willing to work with a digital voice assistant to get appointments set. Owen says if you’re concern about your customers engaging in the process, listen to some of the calls you have right now.

44% of calls for serving a vehicle are appointed on average. will appoint 75% of calls. Beckett says, that will also follow your dealership policies. It’s getting dealerships to look at how they’re structuring their service scheduling tool.

Owen says to earn the dealer’s trust, he recommends after-hours and overflow. He encourages everyone at the dealership to see what your call failure rate is in service, and that’s where can fill that gap.

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