How Your Dealership Can Capitalize on National Renewal Day

National Renewal Day

National event days are a great way to drum up business, especially during the slow times between larger, more prominent holidays. One upcoming event your dealership can capitalize on is this Friday, National Renewal Day. This day, occurring every year on May 4th, was created to help usher in the spring season by focusing attention on the spirit of renewal that comes as winter is replaced by fresh growth.

In general, National Renewal day is celebrated by looking at the little things in one’s life that need renewing. Anything from magazine subscriptions to lapsed friendships are fair game. Here are some easily implemented ways you can usher in some fresh foot traffic in honor of#Nationalrenewalday.

Perhaps the most obvious way to harness the day is to send out reminders to your customers of car-related services that need to be renewed. Warranties, leases, auto insurance and registration tags all eventually lapse and need to be refreshed. Let customers know that they can–and should–come to you for help in renewing any of these important subscriptions. Let them know that you’ll have professionals on hand to help them navigate any paperwork they might have, as well as answer any questions that come up.

In addition to the more cut and dry renewals already described, think about offering knowledge or skill renewals. At some point most people learned how to to change a tire–or at least, that’s what they’ll claim. In practice though, most will find their abilities when wielding a jack and tire iron on the rusty side. For National Renewal Day, advertise free classes on tire changing, jump starting and other handy car skills. You can also have lessons that refresh customer knowledge on driver safety. These gatherings will not only bring potential customers in the door, they’ll have the added benefit of creating a community-centered feel for your dealership, which will enhance your dealership’s civic reputation.

A third, handy way of drawing customers in on National Renewal Day is by capitalizing on that one piece of ID we all rely upon: our drivers’ licenses. There are three simple ways to use driver licenses to attract crowds on National Renewal Day. The first is to offer some sort of prize or incentive if a buyer comes in with a recently renewed driver’s license. Another is to offer to provide renewal applications and help clients fill them out. Finally, you can offer a free or discounted refresher driving lesson for drivers who’ll be renewing their licenses soon. This will give you the perfect opportunity to talk shop about new models or special deals you’re offering while connecting with potential customers.

Finally, on National Renewal Day lead advertising with the idea of renewing things within a person’s life. The car a person drives is a large part of their identity and if they feel like they’re spinning their wheels and getting nowhere, a new car or lease can help them breakout of the slump they’re in. So use the slogan of #Renewal to connect people, and the life changes they wish to see, with the car that can help them achieve their potential as they head into the new season.