How to optimize your SRPs and VDPs to increase website engagement


On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch tackles a technical conversation on how to optimize your Search Results Page (SRPs) and Vehicle Details Page (VDPs) to know how many buttons you should have and where those buttons should take consumers.

Pasch shares new thinking on website design. It seems in recent months, the number of buttons has been increasing. Digital retailing is the reason for the increase in buttons. When dealers simplify their VDPs and SRPs, more people will use the digital retailing tool. The challenge is, why are dealers keeping all those buttons, that pops up a form and leave consumers hanging?

Dealers are still addicted to leads instead of helping a consumer transact. There’s a two-step process to get data at your dealership to make smarter decisions. The first step is, to hire someone to tag your website. When customers click those call-to-action buttons on your SRPs and VDPs, they’re sending an action to Google Analytics to record what’s been clicked, which are called events.

The second step is to take the number of applications divided by the number of clicks, which equals the form completion rate. You should be doing this to find out which buttons consumers are clicking the most and what percentage of people are getting through the process.

Pasch encourages you, to let the data tell you which buttons you should have and how consumers feel about the actions you put behind those buttons.

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