How this Wis. dealership is leveraging 8M+ views on TikTok to sell more cars


A dealership in Milwaukee is gaining popularity and quite a following on the social platform, TikTok. Audi Milwaukee, as they are also known on the platform, can be seen showing their inventory with many appearances from “The Boss” AJ Harb, General Manager of Audi Milwaukee.

With the new year approaching and budgets at the top of mind for many of you, could TikTok be an opportunity for vehicle sales? On today’s show, we’re joined by AJ Harb, Audi Milwaukee’s General Manager and we’re also joined by Matt Abramczyk, Social Media Manager to tell us more about their dealership’s marketing videos on TikTok.

Harb says it’s been difficult with the inventory shortage. A lot of cars are on backorder and a lot of customers are waiting on their vehicles. He does say, some customers settle for cars on the lot because they understand the shortage and what’s been happening in the industry.

Abramczyk says after a few videos, he saw the importance of posting on social media as well as TikTok. He says since then, he’s been posting consistently. One of their videos has over 8 million views. It was a video of Abramczyk unwrapping a vehicle, and he believes it was the satisfaction that people got, from the plastic that made it take off.

I didn’t think it was going to get this far says, Harb. He says he realizes there’s a lot of young generation that will end up sharing the video with family or friends. Those family and friends end up being your customers and in the coming years, the younger generation will be your customers. He says they’ve sold many vehicles from their videos and gotten a lot of recognition. Harb says TikTok has provided a great outlook without a lot of costs, so it was smart to go to that area.

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Harb says to trust the younger generation that works for you. They bring ideas to the table that he says didn’t exist when he started. It’s time to have an open mind. He also says Abramczyk does a great job of targeting different generations to follow them on TikTok.

One of the platforms, they’re looking to use is Youtube. They plan to post tutorials and videos, that consumers will still be able to use five years from now.

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