How increased website engagement and high quality leads go hand in hand – Jordan Morrison of Pureinfluencer

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Jordan Morrison, Vice President of Business Development at Pureinfluencer, to give us his perspective on the car buying journey today and what car dealers should be focusing on in current market conditions. 

The ongoing COVID crisis and current inventory shortages really speak to how car dealers are resilient, says Morrison. Now he says, dealers should concentrate on winning the trade in the market, and making sure they have quality opportunities.

Despite new car low inventory levels nationwide, there is still high consumer demand and dealers need more quality leads. With inspiration from companies like Uber and Airbnb, millennials are looking to create similar online processes within the automotive industry. With the abandonment rate in digital retailing above 95%, Morrison asks, how can we create that experience for the shopper and also create that experience with the dealership staff? That is what Pureinfluencer has addressed with the myTraffic tools, like myOffer, which is designed for salespeople to help deliver those quality opportunities.

Morrison says, many of their clients have 100 units of inventory with a 30 day supply, but they still turn around and sell 200 to 250 units. They are using myTraffic to get in engage with consumers on their website, to make sure they are taking advantage of every opportunity in the market. There is a profitable place to sell and that is your website. Make your dealership really stand out and create a great experience for the customer.

Morrison wraps up the conversation discussing some new products that will soon be added to the Pureinfluencer suite. On average, car dealers spend $500 to $600 for leads. Smartspend shows where dealers can cut back and spend money elsewhere. Allowing them to get the best gross profits from those customers. To find out more, visit

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