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Trump Administration Keeps Auto Tariffs On Table During Trade Negotiations With Canada | Why Good Management Is Key To a Successful Dealership | Demand For Gasoline Has Surged To Near-Record High

Today on – Tuesday, August 7th, 2018:

“Your Car Guy” Shawn Hays, Explains Why Good Management Is Key To a Successful Dealership
CBT News talks with Shawn Hays, “Your Car Guy”, who has been in the retail automotive industry for over 11 years and currently is a car salesman at Dan Cummins Chevrolet and Buick in Paris, Kentucky. Shawn discusses why exactly managers are so important in your dealership, especially ones that are always looking to keep moving forward and are working to better their dealership. Watch Now

newscastAuto Dealers Stack Deck Against Subprime Woes!
Subprime auto loans have been in the headlines over the past couple of years with concern that we are headed into another credit crisis abyss. Rising defaults and delinquency rates are cited as predictors of that impending doom. Cheap money and a strengthening economy helped drive up the number of auto loans to $1 trillion in 2015. That value now sits just shy of $1.23 trillion, about double what it was in 2003. Read More

newscastSilence is Golden: During a Demonstration Drive, Let the Car Speak to the Customer
There are many things in the retail automotive business that have become central to the car buying experience. Probably nothing has stood the test of time more than the demonstration drive. It is one reason why over and over again customers still prefer buying from a dealership rather than just purchasing a vehicle online. They want to drive it, feel it and smell that new car smell. Read More

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