Cox Mobility’s holistic approach to EV battery solutions — Joe George & Lea Malloy

With over 500 vendors discussing the need to support dealers in the context of digital retail, the growth of the digital realm has led to a more engaging transaction and experience for the customer as the world shifts to electrification. At this year’s NADA Show, CBT News spoke with Joe Geroge, President of Cox Mobility Solutions, and Lea Malloy, Head of EV Battery solutions, to discuss the concerns dealers have conscious of the EV shift. 

Key takeaways:

1. Cox Automotive is getting ready for the switch to EVs with their EV battery solutions by emphasizing ecological messages and the interrelationships between supply, demand, and economics.

2. Cox Automotive uses a holistic strategy in terms of purchase, ownership, parts, and service as the sector electrifies. 

3. The goal is to oversee the whole life cycle of its battery packs. This encompasses everything that is sensible from an economic and environmental perspective.

4. Three hurdles were identified by Cox Automotive as being of concern to consumers: 1. The battery pack’s repair or replacement costs. 2. How long will it last, maintain a charge, or deteriorate? 3. Will there be easy access to infrastructure for charging?

5. In terms of battery health, Cox EV Battery Solutions is setting the standard. They have a proprietary diagnostic tool as well as a paten battery health algorithm that speaks directly to the vehicle. They present battery health scores to buyers across an increasing number of used EV sales to foster trust and transparency.

“It’s less about combustion versus electric and more about what car meets [the consumer’s] needs.” — Lea Malloy

Notable background:

The pilot of Cox Automotive’s EV Battery Health mobile app and Bluetooth dongle will launch at 10 Manheim locations across the U.S. – Pennsylvania, Southern California, San Francisco, Riverside, Nevada, Dallas, Phoenix, Seattle, Nashville, and Portland.

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