When it comes to hiring women, are you for that or against it? We’ll show you the results of a new survey on what automotive leaders think.

What does your dealership look like when it comes to hiring women and the impact it’ll make at your dealership? According to a new survey, women are paramount in navigating current disruption in the auto industry.

In fact, an overwhelming majority (96%) of business leaders believe that. In the EY.com Global Survey, senior automotive executives from 20 countries found that 56% of business leaders acknowledge women as a critical source of underutilized talent. However, yet only 1 out of 10 say their organization is very effective at attracting women and few expect to bolster their ranks with more female leaders over the next five years.
In the meantime, 90% of auto companies believe they need to dramatically change their approach to attracting, retaining and promoting talent and only 22% of auto companies surveyed have structured programs to identify and develop women’s careers.

When citing the survey, Randall Miller, EY’s Global Automotive and Transportation SectorLeader said, “Every business leader in the auto industry is in a position to act now to make gender parity a reality. To close the gender gap, companies must encourage more senior leaders to become sponsors for potential female leaders, include more women in the leadership pipeline and create a culture of diversity and inclusion.”