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OfferLogix is leading the way in lease and loan payment advertising for auto dealers

Digital Retailing is changing the way car buyers envision the car-buying process. As digital retailing becomes more popular with consumers, it will be crucial for dealers to showcase leasing and finance options on their online platforms. Today on CBT News, we welcome back to the show Aaron Bickart, Executive Vice President and General Manager of OfferLogix.

Offerlogix is leading the way in lease and loan payment advertising for dealers, OEMs, and online portals. The leadership team at Offerlogix has over 20 years of industry experience, founding some of the most successful marketing and training companies in the automotive industry. The Offerlogix team has worked with 75% of the top 100 dealers and 18 manufacturers in the U.S. and globally.

Bickart begins the conversation by explaining how OfferLogix has become an industry disruptor. The company is enabling ad tech agencies, digital retailing companies, desking solutions, and any company that needs perfect penny payments.

“We’re here to enable you, and to enable that information out to the U.S. and Canada,” said Bickart. “I would say we’re a disruptor, and we enjoy being in that seat.”

OfferLogix is disrupting the industry primarily through its single-call API solution. APILogix creates all possible payment scenarios, based on lenders, and delivers the appropriate data in an open XML format. This solution allows OfferLogix to disrupt the industry through leasing and finance calculations.

OfferLogix helps improve the overall buying-experience because they have all elements associated with the leasing and financing process. This allows the end-user to make an informed decision with real information collected with accuracy and precision.

Bickart provides a telling stat, saying 94% of consumers walk out of a dealership with a lease or finance payment. For this reason, dealers should consider advertising lease and financing options on their website or digital retailing platform.

For more information on solutions provided by OfferLogix, visit

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