What is the most important measurement in business that leaders should consistently monitor? – Shep Hyken, NY Times best-selling author

Loyal and repeat customers are ideal for business owners to acquire, but not all businesses have a clear strategy to bring customers back. To discuss this further, we recently spoke with Shep Hyken, customer experience expert, and New York Times best-selling author of “The Loyal Customer,” and “The Amazement Revolution.” His latest book titled “I’ll Be Back”, is set to hit shelves this September.

One of the top priorities for all business owners is creating a customer experience that drives repeat customers. Now that consumers are venturing out and visiting brick-and-mortar stores, businesses have to make sure they are equipped to meet customer expectations. If businesses fail to do that, they risk losing the customer.

Customers today are now “mission shoppers.” They done the bulk of their research online before even setting foot in store. Hyken explains that in order to turn “mission shoppers” into repeat customers, businesses have to do four things.

1. Make sure you have enough staff members
2. Revisit your hours of operation and adjust if necessary
3. Promote the digital-first services that are offered
4. Have convenient and seamless processes

This is one of many topics Hyken explores in his latest book, “I’ll Be Back: How to Get Customers to Come Back Again & Again” out this coming September. Hyken was inspired to write this book because every business owner wants their customers to say “I’ll be back.”

It is important for business owners to explore the ways to increase repeat customers and encourage loyalty. However, it’s also important to address and correct the reasons why customers might terminate their relationship with your business.

“Be Nice” is fundamental for businesses says Hyken. Rude and apathetic behavior from employees is the number one reason customers don’t return. Number two is employees are not knowledgeable enough about products or services. And three is an overall inconvenient customer experience.

In order to find out why customers wouldn’t return, businesses often use customer feedback surveys. Hyken says that surveys provide us with a history lesson. While history can be useful, customer behavior is the metric business owners should be focusing on.

Hyken ends the conversation by discussing customer loyalty programs. Not all of these programs actually encourage repeat business! They are often marketing programs. While there’s nothing wrong with that, Hyken says that customer loyalty programs should focus on fostering a personal connection between the customer and the business.

To get your copy of “I’ll Be Back” before it hits the shelves, visit IllBeBackBook.com or find it on Amazon.

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