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Mark Tewart Sales Strategy

Setting and Achieving Goals

 Mark gives his best tips on setting and achieving goals and the best methods to get what you need from your sales team.
first impression

Tips on How to Give a Perfect First Impression

On today's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley discusses the top challenges with initial lead response and gives tips on how to give a...
Social Media

Grant Cardone: Why aren’t you taking advantage of Social Media?

Grant Cardone: Social media is a golden opportunity.  So why aren’t you take advantage of it?  

CBT News October 19, 2016

CBT News October 19, 2016 Is the market still good? See what one CEO says Managers not managing? See why Tips on getting new...
reviews it wants

CBT News – December 22, 2015

On today's show: The forecasts are out regarding the rest of the year end sales! The NCM Institute has three tips to reach certain...