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Incorporating Transparency in Your Online Retailing Process – Max Zanan

CBT News welcomes Max Zanan, bestselling author of The Perfect Dealership. Max discusses sales strategy and giving your customers the best possible online experience in order...

Advantages of Being More Generous in Your Professional Environment – Bob...

Joining CBT Automotive News today is Bob Burg, top-producing salesperson, a talented public speaker, and a coauthor of the best selling Go-Giver Books. Bob Burg...

How to Interview a Job Candidate

Have you ever hired someone only to be disappointed with their performance? If so, you may have only yourself to blame. Good talent is...

The Importance of Checking In On Your Successes, Goals, and Training...

The host of Progressive Retail and frequent CBT Automotive Network contributor, Cory Mosley joins Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss the steps dealers and managers should be...
Jonathan Dawson

What RED Flags to look for when hiring

According to the job search website, in 2015 the average annual earning of a car salesperson in the U.S. was around $68,000 including...

Should your dealership be advertising on Facebook?

Joe Gumm talks with Scott Meyer, brofounder of 9 Clouds and 2017 CBT Conference Speaker

Is your dealership truly prepared for the next digital wave?

Joe Gumm talks with Eric Brown, President of LotLinx Media Holdings

Capture and convert mobile opportunities on your lot

Jim Fitzpatrick talks with Ben Anderson, CEO OF Automotion

How will Trump affect the value of your dealership?

Jim Fitzpatrick talks with Erin Kerrigan, CEO Kerrigan Advisors

Meeting the needs of your customers

Meeting the needs of your customers Joe Gumm interviews Jeremy Coltin, Product Development Sr. Manager with Hyundai Capital.