Len Short, CEO of LotLinx: The Importance of Building Technology Solutions For The Dealer

Building Technology

While at the NADA Show, CBT News spoke with Len Short, CEO of LotLinx, about the success of their AI system, their new platform that can save your dealership money, and the importance of building technology solutions for the dealer.https://www.lotlinx.com/CBT/

Three and a half years ago LotLinx moved into the AI arena before anyone was even talking about it. They incorporated a machine learning ability to run each of their individual campaign that delivers great value to any dealership. LotLinx has always taken a different approach to the market. They chose to start their marketing efforts with the vehicles and then work back to the market. for years, dealers have been spending an average of $600.00 a unit on advertising. Short and the team at LotLinx do not think that spending necessary and have come up with a way to eliminate it.

LotLinx decided to build individual campaigns for every VIN on your lot and then drives a demand for the vehicle for a fraction of the cost. Their focus is to make sure each unit is properly served to its best ability. LotLinx has always worked in a backward motion, Short explains to Jim. The goal is that the dealer is able to focus on understanding their inventory and what they need to move.”It was important to build a technology solution for the dealer,” Short said.

So what is next for LotLinx? Well, they developed AMP, a new platform that optimizes the mobile experience with hope to help the dealer improve mobile engagement. Designed with mobile interaction in mind, LotLinx AMP drives shopper engagement with 7 conversion actions including one-click emailing, and google maps integrations. LotLinx AMP loads instantly, because all amp’s are cached by Google, effectively eliminating page bounce before a shopper sees your inventory.