How to modernize your dealership with a one-person sales model? – Jasmine Parros, A2Z Sync


Earlier this week, CBT News was on-site at the 2021 (NAMAD) National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers Convention in Miami Beach, Florida. In this interview, Jim sits down with Jasmine Parros, Dealer Transition Manager of A2Z Sync.

Parros says A2Z Sync helps build a higher client appreciation for the sale with higher retention. As a dealership, you’ll have your staff coming back to you while retaining more employees.

When you move to a one person’s sales process, it saves you time says Parros. When you get to the point of presenting the finance menu, you won’t have just five minutes to understand what the customer’s needs are. You can be way more successful with the F&I side.

Parros says, normally there is a J curve and that usually depends on where the dealership stands, especially if they are not a one-person sale’s process. There are a few growing pains that happen but ultimately the success comes after. A2Z Sync gives hands-on training to make everyone successful.

There are already forward-thinking dealerships that see this as the way everything is going to be going says Parros. She says now that they are attaching the DR to what their in-store tool already does, they are seeing a lot of success. Covid sped the process up. You still need a finance manager, loan officer, and management. But, a one sale’s person process only means that the customer is interacting with one person.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the 2021 NAMAD Convention!

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