How to focus your mind on what is within your control


On the latest episode of Mind Your Own Business, host Jonathan Dawson, founder of Sellchology Sales Training, discusses getting your mind focused on what is controllable.

Dawson poses the question, what’s changed within your control, or what have you changed? Train yourself by making a list of activities, behaviors, and disciplines that you and your team can focus on that are within your control to change. Start focusing on what is controllable.

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leadershipMake a list of things you can control. Ask your team, what are they doing right now that allows you to adapt to the changing marketplace? Have each team member identify something they either could do or are doing. Then put it on a master list. You will then see a list of opportunities to focus on.

Dawson also says to guard your own mind. Focus on things and see them clearly. He says if you’re going to lead people, you need to be able to see things clearly as they are, without seeing them worse than they are. When leaders begin to get discouraged, they have influence over an entire organization and can pull the entire organization in the wrong direction. Don’t just see things as they are, but as they could be or should be.

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