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GM confirms plans to release electric Cadillac Escalade later this year

The brand currently includes the Lyriq crossover and the upcoming Celestiq ultra-luxury sedan. 

General Motors has confirmed the release of an all-electric version of its flagship Cadillac Escalade later this year. 

The Detroit automaker said the new SUV would be called the “Escalade IQ,” which continues the brand’s EV naming strategy. The brand currently includes the Lyriq crossover and the upcoming Celestiq ultra-luxury sedan

With the electric Escalade, the company plans to convert Cadillac into an entire EV brand by 2030. In addition, analysts expect the SUV to go into production and on sale as soon as next year. 

According to the automaker, the Escalade IQ is expected to utilize GM’s Ultium battery cells, motors, and technologies, which the company uses to power its next-generation EVs. 

However, just because it’s called an Escalade doesn’t mean it will be identical to the brand’s iconic internal combustion engine-powered SUV. Additionally, the previously announced EVs that share names with GM’s traditional vehicles have included design features and technologies utterly different than their constituents. 

Besides the confirmed name, which has been rumored since GM trademarked the name Escalade IQL in 2021, Cadillac released a teaser image showing a close-up of the electric model’s badge. 

On the other hand, Cadillac VP Rory Harvey confirmed that three new electric models would debut in 2023. The Escalade IQ will be part of that release lineup. 

Currently, GM is building the internal combustion Escalade as its facility plant in Arlington, Texas. However, it remains to be seen if the IQ would be produced there or how much the vehicle would cost.

A spokesman for Cadillac, Paige Tatulli, stated, “We will provide additional information, including the Escalade IQ’s manufacturing location, at a later time.”

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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