Everything you need to know about the recent Google Ads updates


On the latest episode of Auto Marketing Now, host Brian Pasch shares a follow-up to the groundbreaking research on Google Ads campaigns that was released last month.

Recently, BPE Brian Pasch Enterprises released the industry breakthrough report: Exposing the Outcomes of Google SEM Campaigns. Pasch found that even though sales were funding these campaigns, most of the conversions were for fixed ops.

When you ask your Google ads agency, what are they using as signals to optimize the sales campaigns, you will find, they are probably using Google store visit metrics and phone calls as the two primary conversion signals. The reason why you shouldn’t use store visits is that there are more people on the lot for service than sales. You shouldn’t use phone calls because less than 13% of ‘typical’ Google ad phone calls are for sales.

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Pasch shares that you will be able to see whether someone went from their desktop or on their mobile phone. This helps dealers to use the sale phone calls to improve sales campaigns and service phone calls to improve service campaigns. You can now improve the optimization engine that Google has for its advertising with true signals.

googleSoft conversions are getting an estimate on a trade or starting a financing application. Hard conversions are where consumers give a phone number, address, or email. Pasch challenges you to go into your Google Analytics account and see how many hard conversions goals are working and how many soft conversions are in place. Pasch says to set up the proper goals for sales and service. You should be feeding in sales signals into your sales campaign.

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