Don’t Get Owned Marketing Your Pre-Owned Vehicles

What dealerships need to do differently to move more pre-owned, CPO and off-brand vehicles

Dealerships love to compete on the amount of new inventory they sell. However, the best margins in auto sales are in used cars. The problem is that new car digital marketing techniques just don’t translate well to promoting used cars.
Used cars are completely unique, there is limited OEM marketing support and, sometimes, they’re completely off brand to your dealership.
So how can you market these high-margin vehicles effectively and increase your bottom line?
Join Ian Cruickshank, university educator and VP of Sales and Marketing at Speed Shift Media and learn how to increase your bottom line by connecting in-market car buyers to your pre-owned inventory.
During this FREE webinar, you will learn:
  • Why your new car marketing doesn’t work well on pre-owned vehicles
  • What new car marketing techniques to avoid when promoting your pre-owned inventory
  • What new techniques you should be using to increase used car sales
  • How these techniques can easily translate for use in new car marketing
Ian Cruickshank
Ian has spent over 10 years in Marketing and Digital Advertising. As the VP of Sales & Marketing for Speed Shift Media, he is the head of all revenue generating activities. With a Masters in Business and IT Management and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia he is regularly called on to present and lecture on a variety of Information Technology and Digital Marketing concepts.
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