Two big mistakes you might be making when it comes to compliance

A New York dealership was fined almost $300,000 for various deceptive tactics against customers. One may think that this would scare most dealers into straightening up their act, but surprisingly not. Hear why Jason Reaves, President of Wayne Reaves Software, says that some dealerships...

Dealership Performance Ratings Battle Continues to Rage

performance ratings
One year ago, a New York dealership won a ruling against GM’s use of ratings. Today, the fight against unfair performance ratings is growing even stronger. The landmark Beck Chevrolet v General Motors case in New York was the first of its kind to rule...

Self-Driving Car Legislation in the Works, Could Be Unveiled this Month

Self-Driving Car
Republicans are expected to unveil detailed bills later this week to support development of self-driving cars. Included in the soon-to-be-proposed legislation are regulations that prevent states from implementing their own restrictive laws on autonomous testing and development as well as modifying current rules that...

Mired in Regulation. Vital Information about Compliance

regulation and compliance
When it comes to compliance, significant attention has been paid to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). And while this is all well and good, the fact is, there are several other federal, state and local agencies that regulate the retail automotive industry. While...

Three ways the Florida dealership protection law benefits local dealers

dealership protection law
On June 26, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law that not only has a large impact on protections for dealers against manufacturers in Florida but could also have larger effects on other states. The bill was passed unanimously by the Senate...

Is your store compliant with this new Used-Car Rule?

used-car rule
In November 2016, the Federal Trade Commission introduced changes to its Used Car Rule that affect auto dealers selling used vehicles. If your business belongs to this group, it’s important that you are well acquainted with the new rules. That’s how you can ensure you...

How do regulations benefit customers?

Joe sits down with Steve Roenneau, VP of Compliance for EFG Companies, to discuss simplifying the sales process for customers, industry regulations, and F&I Manager training.

Is your dealership compliant with texting customers?

AdvantageTec has all the proper DMS integration and texting solutions required for your staff to abide to the rules discussed below. We present you advantage txt: the only fully FCC & 2017 TCPA-compliant automotive texting solution Are you compliant? Many dealership employees contact customers via there own phones. Do you know what...

Daily Newscast: Lucid Motors takes on Tesla, One simple way to get more leads and Managers who don’t manage

Lucid Motorsvideo
  In today’s CBT Newscast for Wednesday March 22, 2017: The 2017 Automotive Engagement Conference A seven-city national tour showing dealers how to measure consumer engagement to eliminate advertising BOTS, BLUNDERS, and BLOAT in their marketing investments. Read More Does Tesla finally have real competition? Lucid Motors announced on Wednesday,...

Trump to review fuel economy standards

fuel economyvideo
  CNBC reports on President Trump's attempt to review fuel economy standards and what this means for the auto industry. Watch the special report from CNBC.


ford and Volkswagen

Ford and Volkswagen Join Forces

Volkswagon AG and Ford set the auto industry abuzz, announcing they’ve come to agreements regarding an alliance. According to Volkswagen, the plan is for...

Finding New Paths to Profitability at Your Dealership – Trevor Gile | What Cadillac’s...

Today on - Wednesday, January 16th, 2019: Finding New Paths to Profitability at Your Dealership - Trevor Gile, Motorcars Honda The annual NADA show is...
tax season

Your Dealership Could Sell More Cars During Tax Season Than You Would Imagine

Let’s face it: taxes are rarely anyone’s favorite topic. Few people look to tax season with anticipation, with the exception of accountants… and dealerships? That’s...

What Cadillac’s Announcement Means for the EV’s in 2019

One of the hottest automotive trends of recent years has been the rise of the Electric Vehicle (EV). With companies like Tesla setting the...

Updating your “Why Buy Here” Proposition

  On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart tells you what you can do to update your "Why Buy Here" proposition.

Focusing Less on Conversions and More on Outcomes

On today's episode of Auto Marketing Now, Brian Pasch challenges dealers to focus less on conversions and more on outcomes.

Proven Menu Selling Techniques

 On today's episode of F&I Today, Becky Chernek discusses how over-complicated menu selling can be detrimental to your success, and how being consistent and...