Car dealer and Ohio Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno discusses record campaign funding

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Bernie Moreno, President of Bernie Moreno Companies. He’s entered the race to be the next Senator of Ohio.

Moreno begins the conversation by discussing his campaign and how he was able to raise the campaign funds. This is Moreno’s first time running for public office and he was motivated by what was going on in our country. In his first fundraising quarter, he beat his nearest Republican opponent by 50%, and with one Democrat candidate, he outraced him by $150,000.

Moreno says, Former President Trump’s endorsement would be a big deal but believe Trump shouldn’t endorse any candidate at this point. He says, they need to do the hard work, and Trump agreed. Currently, he’s staying out of the endorsement, but at some point, Moreno hopes to get his endorsement.

Without immigration, Moreno wouldn’t be here. Moreno says it’s about illegal immigration that needs to be combated. He says we need immigration laws that benefit America and dial it up and down depending on our needs.

When it comes to electrification, Moreno doesn’t believe it’s the right answer. He says, for us (U.S.) to become dependent on China for batteries, seems like a bad thing. He continues to say, it’s a mistake from a public policy perspective to jump headfirst into electrification. Only about 2% of vehicles are electric and, he says, people need to take a look at the marketplace.

Moreno says his number one signature issue is the chip shortage. He says we need to be chip independent in America by the end of this decade. He does believe Ohio can be a leader in making them. He says, the chips are our designs and we own the intellectual property of how to make the chips.

Moreno wraps up the conversation by discussing the letter Roger Penske signed to get other dealers to support his campaign. Moreno says he was very honored to have the support of who considers one of the prominent car dealers in the United States. He says he would love to have more auto dealers’ support for the campaign. He says he wants to be the Senator of Ohio because he’s sick of the same old politicians. Moreno wants to inspire fellow car dealers in hopes to do more great things in the future.

If you would like to support Moreno in his race for the U.S. Senate of Ohio, click here to donate.

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