Yorlian Santiesteban

After-Sales Director
Honda Hollywood
Hollywood, FL

Yorlian Santiesteban stands as a beacon of dedication and hard work in the automotive industry. Currently serving as the After-sales Director at Honda Hollywood, Santiesteban has not only revitalized the performance of his store but has also become a driving force in uplifting his team to new levels of success.

Santiesteban quickly exemplified his knack for authentic leadership by steering his store out of a two-year-long Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) slump within the first month of taking charge. His unwavering commitment to his team’s success has created a culture of loyalty and motivation, pushing each team member toward personal and professional growth.

With 11 years in the industry, Santiesteban has achieved notable accomplishments as the After-sales Director at Honda Hollywood. He has overseen a consistent year-over-year increase in customer pay, demonstrating a focus on enhancing customer satisfaction and service quality. Moreover, Santiesteban has successfully elevated his storefront’s total gross profits, showcasing his strategic approach to business operations.

Under Santiesteban’s leadership, Honda Hollywood has also experienced a remarkable CSI surge, consistently maintaining a score over 101% throughout the year. This achievement reflects his commitment to customer service excellence and his team’s ability to instill a high-performance culture.

The proudest moments of Santiesteban’s career unfolded over the last year and a half, during which he coached, mentored, and trained an exceptional group of men and women. Witnessing their achievements and growth stands out as the pinnacle of his career, showcasing his commitment to developing future leaders in the industry.

Looking towards the future, Yorlian Santiesteban aspires to become a general sales manager, aiming to contribute further to the success and growth of the automotive industry.