Tegan Trejo Martinez

General Manager
Chicago Northside Toyota
Chicago, IL

Beginning her journey in 2009 as a BDC representative, Tegan quickly distinguished herself through her dedication and acumen, climbing the ranks to become the General Manager of Chicago Northside Toyota.

Under her leadership, the dealership has not only seen an impressive transformation in sales performance, becoming the number one Toyota dealership in Illinois, but has also become a beacon of community engagement and customer retention. Her approach to streamlining the customer experience, whether it’s for a car sale or routine maintenance, has been pivotal in the dealership’s success.

Tegan’s entry into the automotive industry was serendipitous. While helping a friend’s mother at a dealership, her ability to advocate for a fair deal led to a job offer. This turning point marked the beginning of a remarkable journey in the automotive world.

The proudest moments of her career are deeply personal and revolve around the growth and success of her team. From nurturing porters into successful salespeople to guiding technicians towards further certification and professional development, Tegan finds immense satisfaction in seeing her team thrive and exceed their own expectations.

Her accomplishments are manifold, from starting as a BDC representative to excelling as a BDC Manager, Platform BDC Director, Finance Manager, Sales Manager, GSM, and eventually GM. The key to her success has been her ability to adapt swiftly to the ever-evolving retail automotive landscape.

Outside of her professional life, Tegan cherishes the moments spent with her two-year-old son, Miles, and her husband, Michael. She is deeply rooted in her Chicago community, actively participating in philanthropic efforts, from paying off local children’s school lunches to supporting local sports leagues.

Looking to the future, Tegan’s goals are as ambitious as they are community-focused. She aims to drive the dealership’s continued success, enhance customer satisfaction, and leverage innovative solutions, such as AI, to remain at the forefront of the industry. She is committed to fostering a culture of continuous improvement and empowering her team to reach new heights.