Sara Scribner

Marketing Manager
Hoffman Auto Group
East Hartford, CT

At age 34, Sara Scribbner already stands as a trailblazer in the automotive industry. Scribbner’s journey with Hoffman Auto Group began in 2014, where she initially served in a sales role before swiftly ascending to the position of manager in the marketing department. Since joining the company, her impact, both on the dealership group and her community, has been profound.

As the youngest team member and first woman to hold her current position, Scribbner consistently demonstrates her ability to lead a dynamic team and spearhead the execution of comprehensive marketing strategies for the entire company. Under her adept leadership, Hoffman Auto Group has launched multiple successful marketing campaigns. It was only a matter of time before her achievements were noticed by higher-ups in the company. In a statement to the Hartford Business Journal, Bradley Hoffman, co-chair of the Hoffman Auto Group, noted “Her exemplary leadership of our 100th anniversary year-long celebration in 2021 showed her proven ability to take on and succeed in the largest, most complex projects.”

Sribbner’s other noteworthy initiatives, including the implementation of “Hoffman at Home,” a seamless digital shopping experience, and the launch of tools to collect customer feedback, have helped the dealership group grow sales, improve customer service and strengthen brand awareness.

Scribbner’s involvement in her local community extends beyond her professional role. As a committee member of the Burton and Phyllis Hoffman Foundation, she actively contributes to charitable initiatives focused on education, health, the arts, and social well-being. With her forward-thinking approach and commitment to community, she is not only reframing what it means to be a dealership marketing manager but also inspiring the next generation of leaders in the retail automotive sector.