Maksim Martemyanov

Corporate Finance Director
Car Pros Auto Group
Renton, WA

When Max Martemyanov, 37, was just 15, his family immigrated from Belarus. Although he had to learn a new language and adjust to a new culture as a freshman in high school, he was aware that he always had an entrepreneurial and sales mindset. After high school, he began selling vacuums at the Rainbow Vacuums storefront. Through this experience, Martemyanov learned of his natural talent for sales, and after selling a couple hundred vacuums, he knew car sales was next.

Despite his limited educational background and poor grasp of English, he eventually got his big break when Bijan Khamenehi gave him his first opportunity at Cars R Us, a small independent dealer in Tacoma, Washington. Although Martemyanov didn’t work with Khamenehi long, he remains grateful for his mentorship.

Martemyanov started working as Car Pros Automotive Group’s regional financial director in Renton, Washington, in October 2012. During his tenure, Martemyanov funded over 500 sub-prime contracts monthly while maintaining a contract-in-transit turnover of less than 12 days.

Throughout his 18-year career, Martemyanov has remained passionate about his work and witnessing the growth and success of the people he works with. “I find great satisfaction in witnessing someone develop from a green pea salesperson to a proficient financial writer,” he states. As he continues his automotive journey, he hopes to establish a life that is comfortable for his family while discovering ways to spend more time with them. “The auto industry has given me a wonderful life, but most of my accomplishments—including being named in CBT News’ 40 Under 40—would be meaningless without the people I care about.”