Lindsay Neuville

Neuville Motors
Waupaca, WI

Lindsay Neuville, the president and owner of Neuville Motors, hails from a rich family legacy in the automotive industry.

Her family’s journey in the retail automotive sector began after her father, Tim Neuville, and her uncle, Morrie Neuville, acquired their first dealership in 1976. As she grew up in the family business, Neuville made sure to prioritize her education, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and business, even though she knew a position in the dealership was her true calling.

In 2016, she officially joined Neuville Motors as an accountant, immersing herself in the operational side of the business. It was here that she learned of her passion for heading dealership strategy and overseeing financial operations.

Neuville would eventually further her automotive education by graduating from the National Automobile Dealers Association’s NADA Academy. Already armed with years of experience and comprehensive training in management, Neuville took the reins of Neuville Motors on June 15, 2021, continuing her family’s legacy and giving her father a well-deserved retirement.

Beyond her role as Neuville Motors’ President, Neuville is deeply involved in her local community. She is the chair of the Waupaca Area Chamber of Commerce board of directors, where she helps entrepreneurs navigate the trials of small business ownership.

In the face of challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and supply chain disruptions, Neuville steered Neuville Motors through uncharted territories cooly and efficiently. An early adopter of digitization and online sales, she has also led Neuville Motors to achieve its highest sales volumes in history, inspiring other dealerships to integrate new technologies and practices into their operations.

But while her company has been a champion for modernizing the retail automotive sector, Neuville remains fiercely committed to keeping in place the business’s long-standing community-first mentality and small-town feel. Her dedication and understanding of what makes the car business so special for both employees and customers is a crucial source of inspiration for the next generation of automotive retailers.