Marianna Varela

Marketing Director
All Star Auto Group
Kilgore/Palestine, TX

Marianna Varela, age 32, began her automotive journey after becoming directly acquainted with the owners of the All-Star automotive group. During a few casual conversations about what the group was working on and gathering output, Varela and her contacts at the company began discussing the advantages she would bring to the table, especially concerning digital marketing and retail. Although she didn’t know anything about the car industry when she joined the group in 2017, she quickly acclimated to the retail automotive sector by picking up the phone, contacting support lines, speaking with vendors, and experimenting with dealership programs.

Seven and a half years ago, Varela designed an internal marketing department from the ground up.  While the All-Star Group did not have a designated leader of digital advertising and marketing when she began, her hard work and technological know-how led to the creation of a streamlined and closely monitored marketing operation, including websites, digital advertising, sales and closing ratios.

In the auto industry, grit is crucial, and Varela credits it for her success. She finds it fascinating to observe how her efforts have evolved and how they have had an increasingly greater influence on the firm as a whole. Periodically, she makes sure to assess herself and the projects she’s working on.

However, Varela oversees more than simply advertising and digital platforms; she oversees people and processes as well. In the last 90 days, the group has expanded into multiple buy-sell markets, an effort that she feels fortunate to have contributed to.

Ultimately, Varela hopes to further advance her career in the automobile industry and help her stores reach new heights. Her current focus is on optimizing Internet sales, but she firmly believes that if she continues to work hard in all aspects of the business, she will not only grow personally but also fulfill her goals.

In her spare time Varelsa enjoys cycling, running, yoga, and pickleball. However, spending family time with her husband and best friend and her children is her favorite activity.