Gia Katzenmeyer

Chief Marketing and Digital Officer
Premier Automotive Group
New Orleans, LA

Based in New Orleans, Louisiana, Gia Katzenmeyer is the Chief Marketing and Digital Officer at Premier Automotive. Despite having limited prior exposure to the automotive sector, Katzenmeyer chose to delve into the industry when contacted by Premier Automotive about an open Marketing Director position in 2018. Over the years, she exhibited exceptional growth and dedication, resulting in the promotion to her current position. Her career progression showcases her commitment to learning and adapting, making her an asset to the organization.

Katzenmeyer says one of the proudest moments of her 5.5 years in the automotive sector has been the development of Digital Summits throughout the past year. These summits provided in-depth insights into digital aspects of the auto business, including lead handling and response strategies. Her dedication to training and improving her team’s digital competencies has been a significant accomplishment and has allowed her to travel to different dealerships and platforms to share best practices.

Looking ahead, Katzenmeyer’s future goals are centered around continued growth and learning. She aspires to expand her knowledge and expertise in the dynamic automotive industry. Her passion for self-improvement and staying current in her field aligns with her role as Chief Marketing and Digital Officer. Her favorite quote, “Life is short but it is wide. This too shall pass,” reflects her perspective on life and work, emphasizing the importance of making the most of every opportunity. Katzenmeyer’s dedication and commitment to professional development make her an invaluable member of Premier Automotive, and her leadership is poised to keep the organization ahead in the competitive automotive landscape.