Jack Applegate

Sales Manager
Fremont Motor Riverton
Riverton, WY

Twenty-three-year-old Jack Applegate is one of the retail automotive sector’s brightest and most promising professionals, propelled by a passion and work ethic that promises a trajectory toward greatness.

His professional journey commenced in 2020 when he took on the role of salesman at Fremont Motors Riverton, where he immediately made a significant impact on volume and customer satisfaction. Demonstrating a relentless hunger for professional growth, Applegate has consistently broken his previous records. His hard work has culminated in a series of accolades for both himself and his team, such as the titles “2022 Salesperson of the Year” and “2022 Sales Team of the Year.”

Applegate’s ambitiousness and determination have continued to yield dividends for his dealership, colleagues and himself. Only 23, he already holds the position of Sales Manager at Fremont Motors Riverton.

As he continues to lead his department to achieve better and better results, he has also made it a priority to improve every facet of customer service, teaching his team to hone their communication skills and enhance their adaptability: all while instilling the work ethic they need to advance their own careers and achieve professional success. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of commitment and perseverance in the retail automotive sector.