Gabe Montano

Director of Marketing & Information Technology
Mike Maroone Automotive
Colorado Springs, CO

As the Director of Marketing and I.T. at Mike Maroone Auto, 32-year-old Gabe Montano is one of the driving forces behind the dealership group’s success. He first delved into the retail automotive world 14 years ago as a Lot Tech at Larry Miller Nissan, inspired to join the company by his father’s own successful career in the car business.

At first only a summer job, Montano’s role soon transitioned into a full-time position. Over the years, he would obtain experience in every facet of dealership operations, gaining proficiency in skills such as inventory management, merchandising, syndication, data analysis and digital retailing. His most noteworthy achievements include expanding online marketing capabilities, refining SEO, pioneering retail-automotive social media strategy and consolidating separate departments into a cross-functional powerhouse for enhanced group support.

For Montano, the proudest moment in his career came when he joined the Mike Maroone Auto leadership team, realizing a career-long dream of joining the industry luminaries his father spoke of–Joe Negri, Bill Carmichael, Jeff Thorpe, and, of course, Mike Maroone. Entrusted with launching and growing a new auto retail brand in Colorado, he built a formidable team and led the fledgling storefront to success.

Looking forward, Montano aspires to be a constructive critic and enthusiastic evangelist, steering the industry toward a brighter future. Embracing the transformative power of the digital age, he hopes to challenge the status quo and redefine what it means to be a modern dealer. Montano’s goals extend beyond the immediate horizon, echoing a commitment to reshape the retail automotive sector and drive lasting change in the dynamic world of car sales.