Emily Ferguson

Service Operations Manager
Planet Subaru
Hanover, MA

Emily “Em” Ferguson, has rapidly risen through the ranks to become the Service Operations Manager at Planet Subaru, a testament to her dedication and expertise in the automotive service industry.

Starting as an undergraduate at Bridgewater State University, Emily juggled her studies in economics with a hands-on role at Planet Subaru’s service department. Her aptitude for learning and adaptability saw her quickly mastering various roles within the department, from managing the loaner fleet to skillfully deescalating customer concerns.

In July 2021, Emily’s hard work paid off when she was promoted to Service Operations Manager. Under her guidance, the service department shattered its all-time monthly sales record in August 2022, achieving a daily high of 201 labor hours. She outdid herself again in February 2023, reaching over $400,000 in sales—a remarkable feat for a suburban dealership.

Her meticulous attention to detail has been pivotal in administrative tasks, with fewer than ten chargebacks in 2,550 warranty repairs submitted in 2022. Emily’s leadership contributed to Planet Subaru earning Subaru New England’s Top Ten Service Dealership Award in both 2021 and 2022.

Renowned for her ability to navigate diverse personality types and skill sets, Emily supervises twenty technicians.. She mentors her team, encouraging their professional growth and fostering a supportive environment.

Emily is also instrumental in “Planet University,” Planet Subaru’s technician development program. From recruitment to curriculum planning, she nurtures apprentices into certified master technicians, safeguarding the dealership’s future.

Outside her professional life, Emily enjoys hiking, camping, and playing the guitar. Emily Ferguson’s swift ascent and remarkable achievements make her a standout figure in the automotive service industry, admired by colleagues and clients alike.