David Blount

Brand Specialist
Mills Automotive Group
Pineville, NC

David Blount found his calling in the car business later in life than others, leaving the maritime industry at 32 years of age to take a role offered by Larry Stevenson, general manager at Mills Automotive Group. Now 34, he has already carved a name for himself as a successful brand specialist in the two short years since launching his retail automotive career.

Blount was quick to earn accolades from his managers and peers. He is a five-time “Personal Favorite” recipient—an honor awarded by Mills Automotive Group’s leadership team to new hires—recognizing his ability to surpass milestones with finesse. Blount has also earned respect for boosting his company’s sales volumes and return on marketing investments. However, what stands out as the proudest moment in his burgeoning career was his invitation to the Mills Automotive Group’s finance and insurance training, where learned invaluable knowledge and crucial skillsets.

Despite his already long list of achievements, Blount remains ambitious; his plan is to establish himself as a successful finance manager, obtain the coveted role of general manager and ultimately become a franchise dealer.

Beyond the world of automotive, Blount is an avid reader and actively engages in community service. His favorite quote, “No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, but every man is your teacher,” reflects his philosophy of continuous learning and personal growth. Although he has already left an indelible mark on the Mills Automotive Group, his clear vision of the future ensures that even greater things lie in wait.