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Tesla makes surprise price cuts after chaotic 2022

Tesla has made a round of price cuts on some of its new models, after ending one of the most challenging years in its history.

Tesla has made a round of price cuts on some of its newer models, after ending one of the most challenging years in its history.

The automaker slashed prices on its Model Y and X SUVs, in addition to the Model 3 sedan and Model S hatchback. Its most significant adjustment was for the Model Y, whose price was lowered by 20%, bringing it down to $52,990 from $65,990.

While the automaker has offered no official reason for the price cuts, the challenges the company faced in 2022 are almost certainly a contributor. The brand slogged through diminishing stock values, increased competition from other automakers, production cuts and controversies surrounding its CEO Elon Musk. Despite breaking records, the company was ultimately unable to meet its delivery target for Q4, despite surprise discounts on some of its models in December, leading to concerns of waning demand.

Musk had also previously criticized the government for its EV tax credit requirements, which blocked the Model Y from qualifying for going over the $55,000 maximum price for non-SUVs set in the Inflation Reduction Act. The CEO noted that regulators had traditionally classified the vehicles as SUVs, which have higher pricing limits under the legislation, but to no avail. Despite the entrepreneur’s misgivings, buyers of the car will now be able to earn the $7,500 credit thanks to the new price cuts.

However, if demand is a concern, slashed prices are Tesla’s best bet for bringing customers back to the market. Many would-be buyers have hesitated to make car purchases thanks to high prices and interest rates, and a price cut as deep as 20%, especially from a brand whose products rarely go on sale, would be enough to change the minds of many. Yet with the swirl of negative press surrounding the company, it remains to be seen if its struggles are due to the public’s financial concerns, or issues more deeply rooted in the company’s business model.

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Colin Velez
Colin Velez
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