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CBT automotive newscast: June 17, 2021

Featured Interview: How the pandemic shifted the way Generation Z approaches the workforce Just how much has the pandemic affected Generation Z and what impact can...

CBT automotive newscast: June 16, 2021

Featured Interview: Is on-the-job training effective for employee development? - David Kain In the last year, dealers have made many changes to their operations but are...

CBT automotive newscast: June 15, 2021

Featured Interview: What is driving buyers and sellers to the automotive M&A market? The automotive buy-sell market is on a hot streak with continuous record-breaking activity....

CBT automotive newscast: June 14, 2021

Featured Interview: How to unlock your inner joy and motivation after a tough year in 2020 - John O'Leary, NYT best-selling author Oh to be a...

CBT automotive newscast: June 11, 2021

Featured Interview: Brian Pasch on trends in modern retailing, marketing, and the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategies Conference This July, the next Digital Marketing Strategies Conference will...

CBT automotive newscast: June 10, 2021

Top Headlines: New developments in Dieselgate surfaced yesterday as Reuters reported that Volkswagen agreed to settle claims against four executives, including former CEO Martin Winterkorn....

CBT automotive newscast: June 9, 2021

Top Headlines: The U.S. Department of Commerce announced yesterday that the White House will be forming a task force to identify ways to mitigate the...

CBT automotive newscast: June 8, 2021

Top Headlines: Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Sunday that the EV giant’s Model S Plaid+ will no longer be produced. Musk announced the news on...

CBT automotive newscast: June 7, 2021

Top Headlines: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report stating that the amount of traffic accidents throughout 2020 reached levels we haven’t seen...

CBT automotive newscast: June 4, 2021

 Featured Interview: How NAMAD is investing in the next generation of minority dealers There are currently only 1,234 ethnic minority dealers out of the 18,200 franchise...