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Tesla solar power

Tesla app update reveals plans for solar power charging feature

A yet-to-be-released feature which will allow Tesla owners to charge their vehicles using their home's solar power installation has been revealed in a mobile...
Musk "master plan" investor day

Musk reveals phase three of “Master Plan” at Tesla Investor Day

Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the third act of his "Master Plan" at the automaker's annual Investor Day. Speaking to investors at...

EV battery recycler Li-Cycle to receive conditional $375 million loan

Yesterday, Lithium battery recycling company Li-Cycle announced it would be acquiring a $375 million conditional loan from the Department of Energy. The loan is intended...
battery tech

EV owners may soon earn cash back thanks to new battery...

According to an experiment conducted by tech firm Fermata Energy, electric vehicle owners may one day be able to earn cash back for charging...
charging stations

GM taps dealerships to fight charging station shortage

General Motors announced that just under a quarter of its dealers had signed up to help install thousands of charging stations across the U.S. Many...
EV rules

Ford unable to sway one third of its dealers on EV...

After announcing a controversial electric vehicle certification program this September, Ford revealed this week that only 65% of its dealership body agreed to the...
tax credits

Goldman Sachs says big bucks in store for green energy infrastructure

Goldman Sachs believes the Biden Administration’s Inflation Reduction Act could breathe new life into the U.S.’s green energy infrastructure. In an interview with CNBC, Michele...
EV sales

EV sales report reveals need for drastic improvements in auto industry

A new U.S. Department of Energy report analyzing EV sales numbers found that battery-powered vehicles not only failed to attract consumers, but failed to...
Battery, solar

New rapid-charge battery could transform EV landscape

Swiss technology firm Morand announced earlier this month they had developed a new battery technology that could charge in just over two minutes. Morand listed...