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CEO for Affinitiv. Affinitiv is a leading marketing technology company serving a dozen automotive manufacturers (OEMs) and more than 5,500 franchise dealers. Prior to Affinitiv, Eisenfelder held positions as Senior VP Strategy at AutoNation and Senior VP, Product Management, Strategy and Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. Eisenfelder has an MBA from Wharton School and attended Mannheim University in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar. Scot graduated summa cum laude in Economics from Princeton.

Do You Know Your Most Profitable Customers?

Did you know that on average, the top 20 percent of customers produce 69 percent of a dealership’s gross profits? These are your most...

5G Mobile Communications Open the Door For Self-Driving Technology

Wouldn't it be nice if our cars could communicate with one another as intricately and effectively as our smartphones? Well, as it turns out,...

EchoPark Enhances Customer Experience with New Technology – Jeff Dyke, Sonic Automotive

In today's segment, CBT Automotive's Jim Fitzpatrick talks with Jeff Dyke, executive vice president of operations for Sonic Automotive to discuss the future of...

6 Surprising Stats For F&I Managers That Can Help You Sell More Products

F&I managers are immediately at a selling disadvantage compared to the other profit centers in the dealership. They have to sell the products and...
Mike Jacksonvideo

Mike Jackson Stepping Down as AutoNation CEO

The automotive world received a jolt today as AutoNation CEO Mike Jackson announced his decision to step aside after nearly 20 years with the...

AutoNation’s Mike Jackson Ends His Tenure As CEO After Almost 20 Years

After 20 years of overseeing the largest chain of auto dealerships in the country, AutoNation's CEO Mike Jackson will step down, and transition to executive...

Be a Problem Solver

   Don't think about selling something. Don't think about results. Don't think about closing. Every customer comes into your dealership with either a "wants" problem...

The 7 Circles of Internet Sales Success – The Coaching Circle

On today's episode of Progressive Retail, Cory Mosley discusses how to increase your sales by using the 7 Circles of high profit, high volume...

5 Ways To Improve F&I Profits

Today, Becky talks about building a relationship with your sales staff, the proper "meet and greet" and more.

Accountability: Achieving More Clarity by Giving More Feedback

On this week’s episode of Hard Truths with Dave Anderson, Dave continues his conversation about accountability, particularly about clarity. Once you have clarity as a manager,...