Naomi Quenneville

Chief Financial Officer
McGee Automotive Family
Hanover, MA

Naomi Quennenville is the Chief Financial Officer for the McGee Automotive Family in New England and has achieved a distinguished career in the car business. Despite joining the retail automotive sector some years after starting her professional life in an unrelated industry, Quennenville rose to the challenges and demands of her new position with ease.

Upon entering the dealership business, she was immediately immersed in a challenging role as the project leader for a significant Dealer Management System conversion. Her cool leadership, accounting prowess and attention to detail allowed the fledgling system to mature into a resounding success.

In her capacity as CFO, Quenneville’s exceptional leadership and financial acumen have been vital assets to the company as they continued to operate a network of 16 dealerships. Her meticulous attention to detail and adept management of the McGee Automotive Family’s large staff have made her one of the dealership group’s most capable and successful CFOs in its history.

Quennenville stands as a shining example of retail automotive excellence, continuing to motivate and inspire her peers through her outstanding contributions to her company, its customers and the car business as a whole.