Nick Varney

General Manager
Varney Auto Group
Bangor, ME

Nick Varney is a seasoned professional in retail automotive, currently serving as the Vice President of Varney Auto Group. Hailing from Bangor, Maine, Varney has dedicated 23 years to the industry, starting at the young age of 13 by filling vending machines within the family business. His journey into reconditioning commenced at 15, marking the beginning of a career deeply rooted in automotive excellence.

As a distinguished National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA) Academy Class graduate, Varney has achieved remarkable milestones in his role. As the General Manager of Varney Chevrolet, he orchestrated an impressive sales volume growth of over 100% in just two years. Moreover, Varney significantly elevated the storefront’s Dealer Position Score by 40 Basis points, showcasing his strategic leadership and commitment to excellence.

Guided by the wisdom of his father, Bill Varney, Varney lives by the mantra, “Hard work and doing the right things will always pay off.” This ethos has shaped his approach to both business and life, contributing to his success in the automotive realm.

One of the proudest moments in Varney’s career was the transformation of his dealership group’s underperforming Chevrolet franchise, into a now highly successful storefront. He continues to strive toward expanding the family’s dealer network. “We’re constantly searching for new investment options, both inside and beyond the automotive industry,” Varney remarked in a statement to CBT News.

Looking to the future, Varney envisions expanding Varney Auto Group’s dealer footprint as new opportunities arise. A risk-taker who stepped out of his comfort zone, Varney is poised to leverage his diverse experiences and continue making impactful contributions to the automotive industry. With an eye for growth and a commitment to excellence, Nick Varney is a driving force in the retail automotive world.