Kayla Kody

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Richmond Ford
Richmond, VA

Kayla Kody, Vice President of Business Development at Richmond Ford Auto Group, has already forged an impactful career in the retail automotive sector despite her short time in the business. Only 33, she already boasts a decade of experience in the dealership.

While her family was heavily involved in the car business, Kody chose to start her professional life in the world of homebuilding, where she opened a consulting business. After taking on several clients in the retail automotive sector, she discovered fascinating parallels between her own profession and dealership management. Gradually falling in love with the fast-paced and opportunity-rich environment, she left homebuilding and launched what would become an inspiring career in the automotive industry.

Now at the helm of business development at Richmond Ford Auto Group, Kody is not only reshaping the narrative of the automotive industry but also driving her company to redefine success with her knack for innovation and strategic acumen. Under her leadership, the dealership group has implemented daring yet productivity-boosting solutions such as a four-day work week. Her marketing expertise and natural talent for leadership have translated into unprecedented growth for the company, earning her accolades from respected publications and dealership colleagues alike. But for Kody, the most gratifying part of her job is seeing her team grow and celebrate wins as a family.

Looking ahead, Kody hopes to continue growing the business while preserving the values, culture, and customer service that define Richmond Ford Auto Group. With a commitment to work-life balance and a modern, data-driven approach, she is determined to challenge industry norms, refusing to tolerate the attitude of “that’s the way it’s always been.” Supported by her family and colleagues, Kody is steering the company toward a future defined by growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the wellbeing of their team members and customers alike.